Los Angeles, California

Entrepreneur, CEO of Bian Capital

Daniel Yomtobian recently started an investment company called Bian Capital. Bian Capital invests in tech-focused businesses and allows Daniel to help grow the business strategically with his knowledge and experience. It’s a “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-involved” kind of investment that suits the creative entrepreneur perfectly as he continues to evolve his career and goals to be a philanthropist.

Today, Daniel Yomtobian runs his operations out of Los Angeles, California, and has dealings all over the country.

Recent News

Daniel discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and investment specialist in blogs and interviews.

Is Charity a Part of Corporate Social Responsibility?

When social change and community services are needed, the non-profit sector is usually the first go-to. However, as organizations’ business practices become more transparent, consumers look to corporate leaders to provide more than just goods and economic benefits. 

CEO of Bian Capital, Daniel Yomtobian, Discusses Balance and Success

“I love how fast paced the industry is that I’m in.  How it changes so quickly and how if you don’t adapt, you are gone.  It’s exciting to work under that kind of pressure.  It pushes me to try harder and I’ve learned to work well under pressure.”

What Philanthropy is and How to Become a Philanthropist

Focusing on the “love of humanity,” in the simplest terms, refers to philanthropy. In this way, a person can nourish his or her human potential, focusing on the quality of life within a scientific-social environment. The term has a long history, stemming back to the Greek playwright Aeschylus, where origins lie in the fifth century BCE.