In 1996, Daniel Yomtobian was 17, still in high school and working at Von’s Supermarket.  His plan at that time was to make it his career, to work his way up to store manager and then district manager.  But his father had a friend that was doing web design in the early days of the internet. Daniel talked to him and was inspired to take a two-day class on web design and then started offering his talents as a service.  He soon realized there was a value in domain names and was an early success in buying and selling URLs.  One thing led to another and he started making enough money where his dreams of working for a grocery store gave way to an entrepreneurial career that has helped him become the business owner, family man and philanthropist that he has always wanted to be.  

Daniel recently started an investment company called Bian Capital. Bian Capital invests in tech-focused businesses and allows Daniel to help grow the business strategically with his knowledge and experience. It’s a “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-involved” kind of investment that suits the creative entrepreneur perfectly as he continues to evolve his career and goals to be a philanthropist. Today Daniel Yomtobian runs his operations out of Los Angeles, California, and has dealings all over the country.